Let’s help them feel the taste of the holiday

Let’s help them feel the taste of the holiday

Kaleb is a 9-year-old boy from a low-income neighbourhood in South Tel Aviv. His father works day and night, picking up various low-paying jobs to support his family, while his mother takes care of their five younger children.


Last year, a program coordinator at the Jaffa Daled After-School Center noticed a young boy who he had never seen before, standing on his own behind all the other children outside the Center. The boy was wearing formal black oversized loafers and worn-out clothing. Staff welcomed him and offered him a hot meal, which he immediately inhaled, as if he had not eaten in days.

Staff members were concerned for his well-being and notified the director of the Center, who then located the boy’s mother. She explained that her family fled from the conflict in Ethiopia to Israel with no money and has been struggling to make ends meet. She said Kaleb’s shoes were his father’s that he borrowed because they could not afford another pair. She tearfully admitted, “my children often go to sleep at night with an empty stomach.”

It was clear to the staff that we had to help this family. They wrote down the mother’s contact information and, that same week, the family received their first food package. Afterward, Kaleb’s family continued to receive bi-monthly food packages from the Jaffa Institute’s Food Distribution Center and Kaleb became a regular participant at the Jaffa Daled After-School Center.

“In each and every generation a person must see himself as if he had personally left Egypt…”

-The Haggadah


Please join us in making Passover a joyous one for all those in need. Chag Pesach Sameach and thank you!



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