Lighting Up Lives in Israel

Lighting Up Lives in Israel
[photo credit: Photo by Cottonbro]

Dear Friends,

As this holiday of lights begins, we want to wish you the very best at this wonderful time of year.

From the CFJI Family to yours, thank you for your generous contributions this year to those living below the poverty line in Israel. 

Every gift, small or large, lights up the lives of those most in need. Your light provides not just food, educational support and basic needs, most of all, it offers HOPE. 

Much as the single jar of oil lit the temple for many nights, we believe that individual acts of kindness such as yours, have the power to create miracles.

We are grateful to you for being a light for those without. 

Wishing you and your family a Happy Hanukkah,

Pam Albert, Executive Directive

Jill Meyer, Chair


A portion of funds raised may be used to support our operations.

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Our regular emails keep you informed about the CFJI programs to support those in need in Israel and the impact of your giving on their lives.