Help Us Feed Those in Need During This Festival of Freedom

Help Us Feed Those in Need During This Festival of Freedom

Dear Friends,

With Passover fast approaching, Canadian Friends of the Jaffa Institute’s food drive to provide a package of traditional products to those in need in Israel is in full swing.

Our food packages are designed to enable families, individuals and Holocaust survivors in the low-income areas of South Tel Aviv and its environs, to celebrate Passover more meaningfully.

This year, we are extending this mitzvah to Ukrainian refugees, who are seeking to make their home in Israel.

Each food package costs $118.


A gift of $118 or more today, will help to fulfill this. The Passover food parcel deliveries bring so much joy to the recipients. It reassures them that they are part of the community and that there are people who care. 

Please join us in making their Passover a joyous one.

Chag Pesach Sameach and thank you!


A portion of funds raised may be used to support our operations.



Our regular emails keep you informed about the CFJI programs to support those in need in Israel and the impact of your giving on their lives.