Let’s Help Them Celebrate Passover!


Help at-risk families celebrate Passover

Yasmin is 10 years old. Like other children, she attends school every day, enjoys playing outside with her friends at recess, and has big dreams for her future – to be a teacher. The only difference between Yasmin and her peers is that when the other students go outside to eat their lunches, Yasmin does not always have a sandwich to eat. And when she returns home from school, she does not always have her next meal waiting for her. When she goes to sleep at night, she is often hungry.


Before the pandemic, Yasmin’s mother worked at a low-wage job. Her father picked up sporadic shifts in the construction industry, but this wasn’t enough to support their family. The COVID-19 pandemic left the family with no income or food. Her mother lost her job because the hotel closed. When the Jaffa Institute saw the family’s suffering last March, following a report from the Tel Aviv municipality, they were able to receive a food package for Passover. 


A year later, the family has lost everything. Yasmin’s father passed away, her mother still has not been able to find a job and is fighting to get support from welfare services to no avail. 


Yasmin and other families need our help now. 

As Passover nears, this family, and the many others who have lost their primary sources of income this year, cannot afford to feed their loved ones or celebrate Passover traditions.


Nutritional security is critical to helping impoverished individuals, like Yasmin, escape the cycle of intergenerational poverty and achieve their dreams.


Hundreds of thousands of families across Israel are unable to afford basic needs, including food, healthcare, education, and housing.

Your donation can bring hope to

the more than 3,500 families and elderly individuals,

many of whom are Holocaust survivors,

without food for the holidays.

Each package costs just $118 CAD. 

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A portion of funds raised may be used to support our operations.


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