Crisis in Israel – Please Help Our Families and Holocaust Survivors

Crisis in Israel – Please Help Our Families and Holocaust Survivors

Thanks to each of you for keeping Israel in your hearts and prayers during this very difficult week. 

Our programs are in crisis.  Sirens are blasting throughout the day and nights as rockets once again illuminate the sky.

The children are terrified.  The elderly have no one to comfort them.  And our Passover food boxes are now empty.  Too afraid to leave their safe rooms, it is up to us to help our neighbours.  No matter how far you are from your brothers and sisters in the line of these rockets, I hope you’ll show your compassion and support as we gear up our emergency food efforts.

It’s not about how much to give, it’s about giving whatever you can. 

The more funds we receive, the more food our team of volunteers can pack and deliver – provisions that will ensure no elderly Holocaust survivor in our care needs to risk their life to buy a loaf of bread.  We need to send food that could last for more than a month.

How can you help? Please donate today by clicking the link. Any amount makes a difference. You have our heartfelt thanks.

With gratitude and hopes for Shalom.


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